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Getremed provides complete and reliable solutions in the field of ORL since 1985. Having absolute scientific knowledge and know-how, we cover with dedication the full range of needs of modern ENT and Neurosurgery, from medical devices to specialized devices, tools, supplies and high-tech surgical implants. Our services and equipment are based on the state of the art technology and scientific development. We provide professional and technical support to the new doctor and the whole ENT and Neurosurgical community, with training seminars on modern technological applications in surgery. We also provide affordable but also reliable suggestions for surgical and medical equipment. Getremed’s name is connected with quality and responsibility in medical solutions for ORL and Neurosurgery.

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From a simple cold to a sore throat, snoring and athlete's needs, Getremed provides an immediate and scientific solution to everyday problems. Having a specialized Pharmacy Product line for symptoms related to the ENT sector, Getremed offers pharmacies and consumers first-line solutions that relieve and improve their daily quality of life. Designed according to the state of art medical science and technology, efficient and user-friendly, Getremed’s pharmacy products are the trusted solution from the prescription, to your pharmacist's shelf. Fight off daily problems and chronic annoyances with your doctor's guidance and Getremed’s  know-how. That’s why Getremed is synonymous with Health!

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